Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Trends

Posted on August 28, 2013

by canyoncabinetry

contemporary kitchen designWhen you think of built-in cabinets that hold everything you need in the kitchen, many decorating styles come to mind. Whether you like a Moroccan/Italian kitchen, a modern and bold kitchen or a traditional, warm kitchen, keep in mind that exciting new appliances like refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers can be integrated into the style. The appliances are an essential element in many new kitchens. 
The many cultures in Morocco influenced the kitchen cabinets we see in the latest wave of Moroccan/Italian kitchens. Moroccan style embraces rich colors, geometric designs, fascinating textures and exquisite details. If you are looking for a comfortable and exotic style of kitchen cabinets to become part of a traditional or modern kitchen, look to Italian/Morocco design.
Like the old ruins in Rome, the Italian elements in the style offer an eternal look. Modern Italian rooms have an air of timeless luxury. By combining natural materials with earthy colors, designers create magnificent kitchen cabinetry. Combined with the Moroccan design, the colors of the Italian/Morocco design tend toward sandy whites, sea blues and understated golds. The design also calls for dark wood finishes.

The welcoming, casual look of warm kitchen cabinetry with natural styling and down-to-earth colors makes the warm kitchen the beating heart of any home. Today’s warm kitchen cabinetry not only stores kitchen items, it offers display areas for knick-knacks and keepsakes. The warm style is perfect for any layout, whether an open air design or an enclosed space. 
You do not have to be an urban loft dweller to enjoy the look of modern and bold kitchen design. The neutral color hues and clean unobtrusive furnishings that define the modern and bold kitchen design work anywhere. The appliances often come in stainless steel with popular accents. The new fixtures that people expect in a modern kitchen only enhance the value. Warm wood elements can be added to give it an inviting feel.

Easily recognized elements like curved cabinet faces and arched cabinet top pieces echo existing architectural elements with tremendous effect in any kitchen design. After your kitchen is complete, accents and lights can be added to enhance the feel. Regardless of the style, new kitchen cabinets makes your kitchen a thrilling new room.

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